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Guided by our holistic philosophy, all of the products we use in the spa and sell in the Holistic Lifestyle Store contain 100% natural and organic ingredients and are never tested on animals.  Featuring only the highest quality holistic skin and body care products available on the market, our uncompromised promise is one of purity and integrity.


A physical extension of this holistic philosophy, our East-Asian inspired space is a healthy and entirely toxin-free environment realized through the use of chemical-free paints and finishes, untreated wood, bamboo, and stone flooring underfoot, and state-of-the-art building-wide water and air purification systems.

Finally, you can be assured that everything from the cozy kimono that you slip into upon arrival, to the beautiful fabrics and floor coverings throughout, are made exclusively from natural materials.  This is our promise to you and will remain so as an expression of our respect for you, your body and this planet.

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