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Ofuro Bath

In Japan, the bath serves as the path to well-being for both body and soul.  It is a place in which to gather one's thoughts and seek refuge from the tensions and stress of everyday life.  So it has been for a thousand years in Japan, and so it is still today at the Kura Door.

Experience the tradition of the Japanese Ofuro Bath in one of two private rooms.  Our bath attendant will guide you through this ritual journey as you experience the healing pleasures of Japanese tea and infused bathing waters.  Choose from a selection of soothing and detoxifying essential oil, herb, and natural sea salt blends to create your own inspired retreat.  Relax into the sound of soft music, the subtle fragrance of cedar, and the water's embrace.

Although the bath is wonderful enjoyed on its own, we recommend that you extend the experience onto the massage table where our therapists will assist you in the completion of this most treasured journey of the body and soul.

45 MIN - $65 per person

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