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We welcome you to The Kura Door Holistic Japanese Spa and invite you to experience a tradition of healing and rejuvenation that incorporates the gifts of the natural world and the artistry of the Japanese approach to wellness and beauty.

Although thousands of years old, the Eastern philosophies upon which our programming is based impart a message that is more relevant today than ever as we struggle to counterbalance the stress of modern-day life and the tell-tale signs it leaves behind.  The message is simple:  true beauty and total well-being come from deep within and are attained finally through the balancing of the physical, mental, and spiritual self.

Here, we are committed to providing each guest with a safe environment in which to find nurturing for the whole self, and everything that we offer - from the surroundings to the products, from the therapies to the therapists - is thoughtfully created with this in mind.

Relax in a cotton kimono and let the fragrances of green tea and hinoki cypress transport you to another world.  Recline in the pure waters of an ofuro tub and let the sounds of the Japanese wind flute carry you to another time.  Surrender your cares and rediscover the art of relaxation, the inner glow of health, and yourself once again.

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