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Forma Skin Tightening and Contouring Treatments 


While you will see immediate results after one Forma treatment, for optimal benefits and long-term results, 6 treatments, based roughly one week apart, are highly recommended. 


If you would like to address more than one of the below listed zones at a time, you may, for an added discount, schedule more than one six-session weekly series at a time (i.e. Forma Zone 2 - Mid Face on Mondays and Forma Zone 3 - Lower Face and Upper Neck on Fridays). Additionally, for truly next level results you may combine any Forma weekly series or combination of Forma weekly series with our NeurotriS Microcurrent “Fork Facial” Treatment weekly series (i.e. Forma Zone 3 - Lower Face and Upper Neck on Mondays and NeurotriS Microcurrent “Fork Facial” Treatment on Fridays). Please see NeurotriS Microcurrent “Fork Facial” Treatments for description and pricing if interested.


Zone 1 - Upper Face to include forehead/brow, under eye, and crow’s feet.

60 minute duration.


Zone 2 - Mid Face to include cheeks, nasolabial folds, and smile lines.

60 minute duration.


Zone 3 - Lower Face and Upper Neck to include jawline/jowels, underneath the chin, and upper neck.

60 minute duration.


Zone 4 - Full Neck to include upper and lower neck.

60 minute duration.

Forma Facial Series

One Zone - 60 minute session

Per session - $319

Series of 6 - $1614 ($269 per session) 15% Discount

(1x/weekly for 6 weeks)


Two or more Zones - 60 minute  session

Series of 12 (2 zones) - $3060 ($255 per session) 20% Discount

(2x/weekly for 6 weeks or 1x/weekly for 12 weeks) 


Series of 18 (3 zones) - $4590 ($255 per session) 20% Discount  

(3x/weekly for 6 weeks or 1x/weekly for 18 weeks)


Series of 24 (4 zones) - $6120 ($255 per session) 20% Discount  

(4x/weekly for 6 weeks, 2x weekly for 12 weeks, or 1x/weekly for 24 weeks)


It is critical that the six sessions within a Forma treatment series are scheduled roughly one week apart in order to ensure optimal results. For this reason, we encourage you to schedule all sessions within a series at the time of purchase.


Forma Red Carpet Facial

90 minute duration. The ultimate in facial contouring and event prep. This facial treatment is a tried and true favorite of the celebrity set and will leave your skin sculpted, glowing, and ready for your red carpet moment. Includes Forma Skin Tightening and Contouring Treatment, customized Arcona enzyme peel, and facial treatment products. 

Per Session $399

Series of six $1914 ($359 per session) 10% Discount

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